Powering Blockchain with Innovative Solutions

At BlockGen we understand the complexity of blockchain infrastructure and employ that knowledge in our intuitive, cloud based tools for business professionals, infrastructure providers, and consumers alike. We aim to enable transparency and scaling of grassroots and industrial mining operations through flexible, easy to use, and purposely engineered products and services.

Products & Services


Stratumsphere is an innovative platform for cryptocurrency mining businesses looking to rent or lease their mining farm's hashpower to their customers under their own branding and business structure. Stratumsphere is provided in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) format, and can handle rentals, failover, monitoring, notifications, and provisioning of your mining farm, all in an easy-to-use web application. Stratumsphere runs separately from this domain and we encourage you to visit the official website for more information and support.

Pool Development & Operations

BlockGen's origins began with mining pools. We've successfully developed, deployed, and managed enterprise class mining pools for many different types of clients. If you are interested in learning more about our mining pool development process and prices please contact us.

Mining Colocation

Finding the right provider for physical mining hardware is a lot different than just purchasing a cloud mining contract, or installing a handful of miners in your home. BlockGen understands the challenges you face in your search for big hashrate and proper facilities. Please contact us for more information regarding mining colocation in one of our partner facilities.

Other Services

Linux Systems Administration

Trying to set something up on your own server and now your stuck? No Problem! We are able to assist with most Linux based tasks in regards to cryptocurrency, blockchain, mining, and mining pools on an hourly basis.

Consulting & Training

Is your team thinking of running or developing it's own mining or blockchain solution in-house? We can provide professional insight and get you on the right track.

Custom Development

We offer custom software development services to help you pull off your next project with a quicker time to market. Our engineering team is already experienced with full-stack crypto mining and blockchain development.

Miscellaneous Services

We have dealt with many mining, blockchain, and cryptocurrency related tasks over the years. From ATMs, blockchain explorers, to hot wallets making thousands of transactions per minute. Tell us what you need!