5 Tools Every Pool Operator Should Know About

These 5 tools will prove to be helpful to you as a pool operator. Whether you run a large operation, small operation, or you just run a pool because you enjoy it. Either way, these tools will definitely help you out.

When running a Crypto-Currency Mining Pool, you find yourself in some situations where having the right tools can really help you out. Whether your pool is performing bad, you have an invalid json file, or what not there is many situations you can run into. These tools are 5 tools that are not common ones you will find in guides across the internet, most of these tool recommendations come from my personal experience. I have left out things like redis-commander, forever, etc. because those are things regularly mentioned in guides.



JSONlint is a  simple website, it validates the JSON code you input. You know, that coding you put into all your configurable files that uNOMP and NOMP uses. Such as what is in the pool_config directory, coin directory etc. Even if you can write error free JSON in your sleep, JSONlint is still a vital tool especially when you find yourself editing dozens of files in a short period of time. Always validate your JSON!


Linux Performance Analysis Guide



Now, I know you are thinking why are you listing something from the Netflix Techblog? Well, they have thousands and thousands of linux servers they need to keep up and running on a daily basis. This is a great guide to diagnose your performance issues with your mining pool. Next time you have a large amount of miners on your pool, pull up this analysis guide and follow it. You will be surprised what you may figure out about your pool.





Believe it or not, how fast you website loads is a huge deal for that first time miner that is thinking of signing up with your pool. Plenty of pool operators completely dis-regard their website and pay attention to actual pool performance. Yes, pool performance is the #1 priority however do not dis-regard your website. You will not grow your pool with a slow, poorly tuned website. WebPageTest is one of the many tools that is very helpful at determining issues with your website. You can also check out Pingdom  and GTmetrix.





So you decided to spend a night out on the town with some friends instead of spending time on the mining pool tonight. However, you are still worried about it constantly. Pulling up your frontpage on your phone, checking that IRC channel, etc… Well, do not worry anymore. PingThat is a service that can monitor any IP/Hostname and Port. It will send you a SMS Text message (so you do not need internet access to benefit) when things on your mining pool come crashing down.


Notepad+ +



This mostly applies to the pool operators like me that use windows on their home PC and are not very good programmers. You do not even want to know how many times I have had to open some pool file in a language I do not know. Notepad+ + is great for this, it has a basic understanding of many programming languages and will point you in the right direction of what to edit via the color coding. It is great for editing a lot of things. I use it everyday.


I hope some of these tools I mentioned will help you out. There is literally thousands of other tools out there on the web you can find that may be useful to you, do not think for one second that this guide is the end all, be all. If you have any tools you like to use, please suggest some in the comments down below.



  1. JAmes

    Very nice article and would also suggest other tools such as http://codebeautify.org , http://jsonformatter.org

  2. jacksoni

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts & excitements about future of the web. good post guys and thanks for your article this is simply awesome. thanks for your info!

  3. Kyron

    Great tools every pool operate should know! javascript obfuscator https://javascript-obfuscator.org/

  4. Ryan Oliver

    I would add Bitvise its a combo ssh sftp client and is my go to instead of putty

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