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Created in June 2013, this cryptocurrency catches the attention of consumers with the tagline “Get real money with infinite possibilities.” The real money part is certainly true, but the “infinite possibilities” may not stand up to scrutiny. There are hundreds … Read MoreRead More

SHA256 vs Scrypt vs x11 Algorithms

Hash Algorithms Security is one of the most important elements in cryptocurrency, as it negates, or attempts to negate, theft or alteration of any online currency. … Read More

What is Pooled Mining?

Pooled Mining – What is it and why should I do it? When discussing Cryptocurrencies and the intricacies of the network, a common term used is “Mining Pool”. Often desktop miners mine by themselves without realizing that Mining Pools exist, … Read MoreRead More


In the growing market for cryptocurrency, new alternate coins, or “altcoins,” have trouble rising to the top. One new contender that hopes to overcome these obstacles is Sling, an online currency with a plan for success. Their six step plan … Read MoreRead More