Status Update & Consensus 2017

As some BlockGen’s subscribers may already know, BlockGen has been involved on a professional level in several mining and pool operations over the past year or so. BlockGen is being transitioned over into an actual business entity and startup. We will be offering several products and solutions that will generally revolve around mining operations, facilities, hardware, as well as consulting/managed services based around mining pools. There has been many developments in this regard over the past few weeks, and you will see BlockGen at CoinDesk’s Consensus Event this May 22nd to the 24th with our partner and incubator ITH Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We will have a 7-GPU Ether Mining Rig on display as well as a contest going on to win it! If you are going to be at the Consensus, stop by the InfotechHub booth on the 7th floor and say hello!

While all of this development is exciting, you may be thinking what about this blog? If you haven’t noticed already there hasn’t been a new article in over a year. While BlockGen will be expanding it’s team shortly, it’s been just me (Zach) and a few guest writers up until now. The professional projects over the past year have really weighed me down, and I haven’t had the time to write more guides or articles. However, I do plan on posting more articles in relation to new crypto-currency mining, pools, and projects in the near future!

Check back soon for more updates on our services, products, and blog posts!


  1. Can

    We would like to talk with you and get your professional support on developing a public mining pool service.
    If you may, please contact with me so that we can further discuss the details.

  2. Alexander

    Good day
    Dear sirs
    Can you write guide for setting up Iquidus Explorer on VPS?
    I have using you guide for pool setup for long ti,e and this best information that i can found in net. Can you help with guide for setting up explorer? I am get ready give to you VPS for this lesson

  3. Dusares

    Amazing the knowledge you’re sharing, I enjoyed setting up pools following your guides, although at the beginning of applying I started asking some stupid questions, but you answered smoothly and patiently.

    your guides helped me enriching my Linux Knowledge, and helped me beyond setting and running pools,

    I owe you a lot.
    wish you luck Brother, and waiting for you next rich articles.


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